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Page to Stage Series

Make the Macomb Center Your Destination for Literacy and Arts Education

The Macomb Center for the Performing Arts presents Page to Stage, a theater and literacy program that brings to life curriculum-linked stage adaptations of significant works of American literature. These world-class productions starring professional actors bring characters from history and literature to the stage―giving voice to words and inspiring young people to find their own voice.

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by William Shakespeare
Presented by Aquila Theatre
Mon. Oct. 30, 10am

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark." More than 400 years after it was first produced, Hamlet remains one of the most frequently performed of Shakespeare's 38 plays. Dealing with love, madness, betrayal and death, Hamlet emphasizes morality and highlight the pitfalls of revenge.

Aquila's Hamlet will shed new light on this tragic story. The production will sue innovative movement, design, sound, and superb acting to vividly explore the depths of rage, madness, love and death brought about by a culture of obsessive personal ambition.

Run time: 2 hours+

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Dallas Children's Theater's
Production of
by Melinda Long
Book, Music & Lyrics by Janet Yates Vogt & Mark Friedman
Mon. Nov. 6, 9:30am & 12pm

AARRRGH! Sail off on a swashbuckling musical excursion as young Jeremy Jacobs joins Captain Braid Beard's band of comical pirates and searches for the perfect spot to buy their treasure. Jeremy finds fun and adventure on the high seas, buy he soon learns that home and family are treasures you can't find on any map! Based on the popular book, the production includes terrific songs like "A Good One to Boot," "Green Teeth," "I'm Really Just a Sensitive Guy," "Talk Like a Pirate," "Soccer by the Rules," "Pirates Dot Arrgh," and more. It's a joyful family musical that is sure to leave young mateys singing and dancing in the aisles!

Run time: 60 minutes with a Q & A following each performance

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Based on the Novel by Richard and Florence Atwater
Adapted for the stage by Pins and Needles Productions
Music by Luke Bateman
Lyrics by Richy Hughes
Fri. Jan. 19, 9:30am & 12pm

In the small town of Stillwater, Mr. and Mrs. Popper are pleasant, practical, predictable people. But when a package for the Poppers produces a penguin, chaos waddles into their lives! Soon, the Poppers open their home and hearts to not one, not two, but to a bunch of boisterous black and white birds! With catchy songs and penguin puppets aplenty, MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS, a brand new musical adapted for the stage by Pins and Needles Productions (Bristol, UK), will have you chirping with cheer!

Run time: 60 minutes with Q & A following each performance

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Thurs. Feb. 8, 9:30am & 12pm

Mayhem Poets met as students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, drawn together by a shared passion for wordplay and open mics. Their poems comment on everything from literature and school to politics and fast food. These New Jersey natives combine hip-hop, poetry and current issues in a show that is fast-paced, funny, creative, and thought-provoking. Your students will leave the show with a new appreciation for the power of well-chosen and well-spoken words–and motivation to write their own pieces. They have performed from New York City to Ireland and even appeared on The Today Show. In 2007, Mayhem Poets won the Microsoft Idea Wins Challenge, a national competition looking for innovative ideas for new small businesses. They used the prize to open Slam Chops, a spoken word poetry club in New York City.

Run time: 60 minutes with a Q & A following each performance

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A Kennedy Center world premiere commission
by Walter Dean Myers
Adapted by Caleen Sinnette Jennings
Tues. Feb. 27, 9:30am & 12pm

On Harlem's 145th Street, teenage best friends Darius and Twig dream of a world beyond the confines of their daily lives. Darius is a writer, whose latest story might be published in a magazine–if only he can keep his alter ego, a fierce falcon, in check. And Twig is a runner, whose speed and endurance might bring him a scholarship–if only he can impress college scouts at an upcoming meet. But with Darius's mother barely scraping by, pressure from Twig's uncles to give up racing, and bullies Midnight and Tall Boy constantly on their case, these true-blue allies may not truly be free to use their gifts.

Street-smart and suspenseful, playful and profound, Darius & Twig is ultimately the story of two young men who must overcome obstacles by finding the best within themselves. 

Please note: Play's subject matter is intended for older audiences and the play includes choreographed stage violence and prop guns.

Run time: 60 minutes with a Q & A following each performance

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Childsplay's Production of 
by Allison Gregory and Steven Dietz
Adapted from the book by P.D. Eastman
Thurs. Mar. 15, 9:30am & 12pm

P.D. Eastman's classic children's book comes to life on stage in an exploration of movement, color and space. The dogs delve into life with gusto, creating a visual spectacle for the audience to feast upon. They snorkel. They howl at the moon. They sing and dance and climb trees. There's cars, hats, audience participation, even a wild game of ball as this laugh-a-minute visual spectacle manages to sneak in some important lessons about life. Go, Dog. Go! is a musical romp full of surprises, clowning, vaudeville, singing, barking, and of course, six lovable dogs!

Run time: 60 minutes

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