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How do I watch the show on my TV?

In all instances, you are using your phone/computer/tablet as a “brain” and your TV as a monitor, or “display”. This can be achieved by connecting with a cable or by connecting wirelessly. 

As there are many ways to use your TV as an external display, and many types of hardware, we’ve compiled a list of advice that can get you going in the right direction. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, we suggest you type a few keywords and your device(s) into google: “play content from my iPhone to Samsung TV” etc.

Since this is a ticketed event, our video is embedded and hidden on our website, and you need to use the link we sent you in order to watch the material. Please reference your confirmation email for this link.

HDMI Cable

The simplest solution is to use an HDMI cable to plug directly into your TV, which basically makes your TV a second monitor. You’ll need a cord with the correct output on both sides.


You may be able to cast the show wirelessly to your TV. This only works if you have the proper technology on both sides. (iPhone + AppleTV for example.) If you see one of the cast icons (below) when you get to the screen with the picture of our lobby, you can cast! 


Screen Mirror

Most phones/tablets have the ability to mirror the screen wirelessly, so your phone and TV show the same thing. Note that you might have to download an additional app, depending on your hardware.


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