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Cirque Mechanics

February 18, 2022 | 7:30

Birdhouse Factory

Enter the most unlikely setting for a circus, a factory. One where the workers are acrobats and
the machines are circus props. Welcome to Birdhouse Factory! See a contortionist perform on a
turntable powered by unicyclists. Be captivated by the trapeze artist powered by the spins of an
acrobat inside a giant wheel. Be stunned as the trampoline wall artists defy the laws of physics.
Giggle at the antics of the characters, be impressed by the acro-dancing and enchanted by the
story of laughter, love, flight and birdhouses.

Please read "Terms & Conditions," for ticket details.

Covid-19 Guidelines


  • Pit/Premium: $50.50
  • Gold Circle/Wings: $42.50
  • Front House/Balcony: $36.50
  • Rear House/Mid Balcony: $34.50
  • Upper Balcony: $32.50


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