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2023-24 Page to Stage series

Sugar Skull!
A Día de Muertos Musical Adventure
Produced by Rhythm of the Arts

Tuesday | Oct. 10, 2023 |9:30am & 12pm
Sugar Skull Study Guide

SUGAR SKULL! A Día de Muertos Musical Adventure is a musical that uses traditional regional music and dance from Mexico to tell the story of twelve-year-old Vita Flores. Vita thinks her family has gone loco planning a celebration for deceased loved ones. Why throw a party for the dead? But when a spirited candy skeleton named Sugar Skull suddenly springs to life, Vita finds herself on a magical, musical journey to unravel the true meaning of Día de Muertos!

Lightwire Theatre presents
The Adventures of the Tortoise and the Hare:
The Next Gen

Tuesday | Oct. 17, 2023 | 9:30am & 12pm
The Adventures of the Toroise and the Hare Study Guide

We begin with Aesop’s classic fable of The Tortoise and the Hare but continue the story which finds them 10 years down the road, now with children of their own and exploring modern day distractions. Smart phones and video games create a new landscape of lost connections to life experiences. The Next Gen features Tortoise Junior and Lil’ Hare in a whole new kind of race; where their adventures lead them into unexpected territory. Old man Tortoise and Big Daddy Hare must come together despite their differences to find and save their children. What hurdles will they have to overcome to make it to the finish line?

Black and Brown Theatre presents

Tuesday | Feb. 6, 2024 | 9:30am & 12pm
Rapunzel Study Guide

What happens when a princess trapped in the tower is visited by a prince in disguise? Black and Brown Theatre presents a timeless story with a timely twist as both heroes go on an adventure to discover who they truly are. Bring the whole family for a live performance of the classic story of Rapunzel told entirely in hyming verse couplets as we celebrate finally being able to "break free". 

The Rainbow Fish
Presented by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

Tuesday | March 19, 2024 | 9:30am & 12pm
The Rainbow Fish Study Guide

Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s elegant new show, The Rainbow Fish, will include an original stage adaptation of Marcus Pfister’s colorful story as well two of the author’s companion tales, Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea and Opposites.

The first of three tales introduces the most beautiful fish in the sea, whose scales shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow. He is admired – and resented - by the entire underwater world, until a clever octopus advises him to give each fish one of his scales. Further adventures follow as The Rainbow Fish finds the courage to explore the great unknown deep sea, discovering a new world with wonderful sights and friendly creatures of all shapes, sizes and colors who are eager to make his acquaintance.

For all events—Teacher’s may sign-up their classrooms by calling our Group Sales Coordinator at 586.286.2021. These events are also open to the public, so parents and grandparents can make memories at the Macomb Center. 

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